Youth.ROC Distance Running Training Program

RunOurCity Foundation Limited focus on adolescent development. Youth.ROC is one of the charity programs of RunOurCity Foundation Limited. Until now, this program has already help above 12,000 teenagers including socially vulnerable groups, youth at risk, juvenile home, drug rehabilitation and ethnic minority. the program helps them to have all-round development and positive changes. in addition, Youth.ROC is supported by the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong government and is one of the ‘other learning experience’ of the secondary education curriculum guide. We promote our program to all the secondary school in Hong Kong. We hope that running can become part of teenager’s life.

Objective & Content
8 sessions of fun-oriented training aims develop teenager’s interest in long-distance race and Improve the physical strength, mobility and balance control of teenagers. The spirit of marathon enhance self-confidence and expand the social network. Through ‘Youth.One’, the participants can develop strong public awareness and contribute to society. It helps to spread positive energy to the community. After finishing the program, the participants can finish the 10km long-distance race.

Improve confidence, perseverance, interpersonal relationship and physical fitness

Program Fee
Free of charge (applicable to families with financial hardships, special education needs and underprivileged students)
The cost of 8 sessions training courses is HK$25,000. Our organization will bear most of the expenses as to encourage schools and non-government organizations to promote running training. The participating units are only required to pay for HK$10,000. If you have financial difficulties and need to apply for the remission scheme, please contact our staff.

Bridging Program
After finishing the training, the participants can choose to participate in the second stage of Youth.ONE.