RunOurCity Foundation Limited focus on youth development. Youth. One is one of the charity programs of RunOurCity Foundation Limited. The long-distance running program benefits teenager's all-round development including physical health, characters, social skills and working abilities. Besides, we aim to establish an athletics club, 'Youth.ROC' in different schools and organizations. The participants who do not have any experience of running, are also welcomed to participate join the club. It helps them to enhance self-confidence, perseverance and concentration level. it is believed that running helps teenagers to develop a positive attitude and enrich their life.

Objective & Content
This program is divided into four stages. Running training, volunteer training, community service, local and oversea competitions, sports workshops and leadership training help to explore a teenager’s interest and potential. The participants have opportunities to become coach and project management leader.
The first and second stages are fundamental training which is compulsory courses. The participants who do not have any experience of running, are welcomed to participate in these courses. They can enhance self-confidence, perseverance and concentration level through the long-distance run. We encourage teenager diversified development through explore the community, participate in volunteer training, provide community service and participate in local and oversea competitions.
The third and fourth stages are advanced training which is elective courses. The programs cultivate leadership skills, provide multiple career pathways and internship program for participants. They can know more about the related industry of competition management and prepare to be coach and project management leader.

Individuals - Enjoy running, Develop positive character and healthy physique 
Community - Expand social network, Participate in volunteer activities and concern about society development
Career Planning - Learning skills and broaden horizons, Coach and leader training

Program Fee
Registration fee: $2,000 per class/project unit (basic running training) 12-20 participants for each class, up to 24 training sessions per year
This program is sponsored by SIE & SIP