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Through the casual run, volunteer activities and local competition, participants know more about social aspects such as community facilities, environments and organizations rather than limited in individual aspects. it helps to increase the sense of belonging to the community and learn to be caring to different sectors of the community. Participants can reflect the relationship between individuals and the community and develop a sharing network of community resources.

「全城十K」- 區區跑1K  齊齊鬆1鬆

• relax and relieve pressure
• let teenagers and their teammates to experience the joy of running and observed the community with a new perspective prospective goals
• promotion of running to relax your mind in schools of Hong Kong
• expand the program to the whole city, from schools to enterprise
• RunOurCity Foundation provide one-time running experience activity to primary and secondary schools

• no restriction on the number of participants (10 people, 15 people, 100 people or even the whole school is accepted)
• no restriction on the date (weekdays or weekends)
• no restriction on the time (morning, afternoon or after school)
• no restriction on the duration (from 30 minutes to 60 minutes)
• no restriction on the route (running on the street, school periphery or inside the school)
• no restriction on the distance (based on school requirement)

• Introduction - 5 minutes
• Warm up exercise - 5 minutes
• Running - explore our city (based on distance)
• Cool down exercise - 5 minutes

Target Participate
Primary and secondary school teachers, students, staffs and parents

Program Fee
Free of charge. Group application is welcomed.

Teenagers can make a contribution to the community by participating in volunteer activities. it promotes active life attitude to the others and helps to embrace social inclusion.

Target Participate
Teenagers aged 12-20. Group and individual applications are welcomed.

Teenagers will have chance to participate in the annual event of RunOurCity Foundation, 'HONG KONG STREETATHON', to experience the joy of running by 'eat, play, run'. school teachers and principal also participate and support this event. the participants can compete and pursue 'Youth.ROC Cup' via a 10km race, which can show their training results.

Apart from 'HONG KONG STREETATHON', RunOurCity Foundation encourages teenagers to participate in local competitions to accumulate more competition experience and enjoy the joy of race.

Past events: SUNIFG HONG KONG STREETATHON@central 2015 to 2016 |CHINALIFE HONG KONG STREETATHON 2018@kowloon |CONVOY TOTEM RUN 2015, 2016 and 2018 |NWS Geo Hero Run 2015, 2016 and 2018 |SHKP Vertical Run for Charity 2015

Target Participate
Teenagers aged 12-20. Group and individual application are welcomed.

RunOurCity Foundation organises a various scale of running program in the 4 districts with different themes every year to encourage young people to develop the habit of exercising regularly. These competition include city run and festival theme run . We establish a system of community competition to raise the standard and performance of the runners

Target Participate
Teenagers aged 12-20. Group and individual application are welcomed.

DARE. to run

Group and individual applications are welcomed, please contact us at 3590 6980.