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活動簡介 Event Introduction



The inaugurate event “EdWalker 2021” provides opportunities for students to overcome challenges. With the teamwork and supports, we aim to build healthy living and habits through hiking. EdWalker encourages persistence and build perseverance. EdWalker with the mission to build the positive spirits in long term to spill over and pass along to the society and for the better future.



活動詳情 Event Details

參加費用:每支隊伍 $1,000


** 在活動的期間,參與的學生請勿於學校的上課天進行活動。
** 「學界毅力行2021」活動於Trailme手機應用程式的開放時間為上午六時至下午六時。

Date: 18th December 2021 to 27th February 2022

The Challenge: To finish total ten sections of Maclehose Trail with or within 9 attempts of various sections in the event period.

Team: Only team challenge is allowed in group of 4 members. Team formation can be from students, parents, teachers, principals and alumnus.

Mandate: Each school may have more than one team to join (the more the welcome!) but at least one student to participate.

Registration Fee: HK$1,000 per team.



  1. TrailMe mobile apps would be applied for EdWalker records of each section. Details would be provided in the due course.
  2. The operation time of TrailMe mobile aps would be from 6am to 6pm of each day. Records under out of this timeframe will not be recorded and counted.

路線分段 Route in Sections

第一段:9.3 km (起點至東壩尾) – M018/M019

第二段:14.8 km (東壩尾至北潭凹) – M048/049

第三段:10.2 km (北潭凹至企巔下) – M068/069

第四段:16.2 km (企巔下至獅子亭) – M101

第五段:7.1 km (獅子亭至大埔道) – M115/116

第六段:4.6 km (大埔道至城門) – M124

第七段:6.2 km (城門至鉛礦坳) – M137

第八段:9.7 km (鉛礦坳至大帽山蓮姐) – M156

第九段:9 km (大帽山蓮姐至吉慶橋) – M174

第十段:13 km (吉慶橋至大棠渡假營 此路段已轉離麥理浩徑




Section 1: 9.3km (Pak Tam Chung to High Island Reservoir East Dam)
Section 2: 14.8km (High Island Reservoir East Dam to Pak Tam Au)
Section 3: 10.2km (Pak Tam Au to Kei Ling Ha)
Section 4: 16.2km (Kei Ling Ha to Lion Rock)
Section 5: 7.1km (Lion Rock to Tai Po Road)
Section 6: 4.6km (Tai Po Road to Shing Mun)
Section 7: 6.2km (Shing Mun to Lead Mine Pass)
Section 8: 9.7km (Lead Mine Pass to Tai Mo Shan)
Section 9: 9km (Tai Mo Shan to Kat Hing Bridge)
Section 10: 13km (Kat Hing Bridge to Tai Tong Holiday Camp) *This section is deviated from Maclehose Trail

Total distance: 100km

** 只供參考 For reference ONLY **

活動紀念品 Event Souvenirs

–  學屆毅力行特別版跑衣
–  學屆毅力行完成獎牌

–  EdWalker Runner Tee (Special Edition)
–  EdWalker Finisher Medal

報名方法 Registration




代表老師將集合所有該校的參加者資料作統一登記(登記方法將個別通知參加學校),並安排支票付款(支票抬頭:RUNOURCITY FOUNDATION LIMITED








Step 1:
Each school to appoint one representative for receiving information and communication to school participants.
Please fill-in the form :

Step 2:
Participant to contact your respective school representative. Then submit registration fee.
School representative has to consolidate the participants’ information and register through our system. (Organizer will communicate with the school representative in the due course.) Please arrange cheque payment for the registration fee to the name: RUNOURCITY FOUNDATION LTD.

Step 3:
After the registration by School Representative, there would be confirmation emails sent to School Representative and the Team Representative.

Step 4:
There will be a separate briefing to assist all school representatives and participants to use TrailMe for activities records.



查詢 Inquiry


Any further inquiries, please contact us by sending email at We will get back to you as soon as possible.