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Established by social enterprise RunOurCity in 2013, Youth.ROC has provided free and professional running programme to inspire and challenge teenagers to systematically train for distance running and achieve their goals while improving health and developing a “can-do” attitude. The trainings have also helped participating teenagers to expand their social circle and understand more about their communities through street-running. Over 12,000 youths have participated in the Youth.ROC program, including those who come from underprivileged backgrounds and the ethnic minority communities. Youth.ROC has recently obtained support from the Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government to expand its program to all secondary schools in Hong Kong, for running to become a part of life for Hong Kong’s youths and bring positive changes to our students’ body, mind, social and spirit.

About Youth.ROC Extension

For youths who had completed the 8-week long distance running training, they can continue to pursue their running interest and keep up their running habit through programs under the Youth.ROC Extension Programs.

Youth.ROC Contributor

Combining elements of running and volunteering, Youth.ROC Contributors become more aware of the happenings and needs of our communities through running and exploring service opportunities for their neighbours; Youth.ROC Contributors will also be invited to take up volunteering roles in large-scale running events in town.

Youth.ROC Rookie

Consist of series of interactive, exciting and professional sport workshops, Youth.ROC Rookies can improve their running knowledge and techniques in the training camp. They can also meet new running buddies, get inspired and inspire each other.

Youth.ROC Challenger

We encourage Youth.ROC Challengers to join local competitions, where they can set new training goals and enrich their running experiences. Youth.ROC Chanllengers have taken part in races including: AXA STREETATHON@kowloon east 2015 to 2017, SUNIFG STREETATHON@central 2015 & 2016,  China Life (Overseas) 2018 HONG KONG STREETATHON@kowloon, Wong To Yick Wood Lock Ointment HONG KONG STREETATHON 2019, Convoy TOTEM RUN 2015 to 2016 & 2018, NWS Geo Hero Run 2015 to 2016 & 2018, and SHKP Vertical Run for Charity 2015 etc.

Youth.ROC Explorer

Students who are selected as Youth.ROC Explorers will have the chance to take part in an international marathon race for free! We encourage students to write down their goals and push against their own limits, and explore different cultures while enjoying the running culture of other cities.

Youth.ROC Explorer had participated in Fubon Taipei Marathon (9km race) in 2014, Gold Coast Airport Marathon in Australia (10km race) in 2015 to 2017, and Gyeonju Cherries Blossoms Marathon (10km) in South Korea in 2016, Kenting Running Land Race (10km race) in 2017, Penghu Bay Running Festival (12km race) in 2018, Shengang Marahon (10km) in Taichung in 2019.

Youth.ROC Crew

By providing youth an opportunity to experience the joy of running, Youth.ROC Crew gives youth the inspiration, excitement and encouragement to accomplish their goal. Youth.ROC Crew meets and run causally at different districts.