We believe – running does not need to be restricted to sports ground only.

We believe – running does not always need to be a race for time.

We believe – running does not need to be alone.

We love running, we also love our city.

Those times that we have lost on the road and different streets, let us re-defined our land.
Those sweats that we have perspired, let us realized that we are not alone.
Run, connects cities, connects people - ROC.Crew

RunOurCity Crew (ROC.Crew)
is a running community powered by RunOurCity.
Run with us, and discover stories in our city every Tuesday night.

ROC.Crew is a community formed by
casual runners, city explorers, sports junkies and creative trainers.
We get together every week to talk, to play and to chill through running.

Our events are free.

But to join them, you will need to fit our requirements.
Say for example, dressing up as a 70s papa, bringing a box of chocolate or other random stuff.

Feel free to bring your friends in.
Our doors are always open to people who love to sweat, play and share.

● www.facebook.com/roc.crew.hk

“I still remembered that I joined Tuesday Break on 25 November 2014.On that day, I ran approximately 5km, which was equivalent to my annual exercise amount. There were around 20 people and the gender mix between female and male was even, just like nowadays. However, if Lok Man and Magic Fai were not there, I would not be the same self as today. Although we like to call each other ‘dude’ but we actually are very respectful to each other. We have Silly gang, Lying Brunch and Misses team but we never have coterie.

We slowly discovered the thrill of sweat and we grew from a team of 5 to 60 people. We then divided our team into twos; one in Hong Kong Island and one in Kowloon. Recently, a dozen of us completed the full marathon competition in Osaka, Japan together. There are many more great memories but due to limited spaces, I cannot record all of them here…
I feel proud to witness the growth of myself and the group. How about you?”

Vincent Lee / Photographer