"ROCer"  is a membership program of RunOurCity.  We now have over 44,000 ROCer! Apart from organizing various large-scale running events, we step forward to provide different types of activities, workshops, information and offers for ROCer.  Also, we publish monthly online ROCer Magazine to provide various information for ROCer.
ROC.Crew (Causal Run): Causal street run and Theme run that takes you run through different communities
ROC.Pro (Running Program): Relaxing but professional running programs and workshops
ROC.Out (Outdoor Fun): Interesting outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, water sports, workshops, etc.
ROC.Style (Leisurely Lifestyle): Running plus travel, sports photography, health activities and information, etc. (such as monthly online ROCer Magazine)

ROC.Crew and Tuesday Break New Arrangement

Thank you all for supporting RunOurCity ROC.Crew Tuesday Break. We sincerely thank you for the ROC.Crew Creatives to organize activities in these years !
ROCer will continue to hold different occasional Causal Street Run and Theme Run, such as SPORT b. x ROCer Graffiti Run in April, and BackStreet Run in future, etc..  Also, we organize running programs and workshops (ROC.Pro), outdoor activities (ROC.Out), and leisure activities and provide lifestyle information (ROC.Style), etc.. Please stay tuned!  However, please note that regular weekly Tuesday Break will be suspended from May.
In early May, ROC.Crew Facebook will be merged to ROCer Facebook. We hope that you all will receive more comprehensive ROCer activities and information from the new ROCer platform.
Thank you for all your support!
(April 2018)
For details and activities:「ROCer 街跑人」Facebook
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