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ROCer Membership

Let’s become part of the enthusiasts, and create endless happiness by running! RunOurCity introduces the membership program “ROCer”, which provides latest news, promotions and activities for running lovers. For pursuing a healthy and horizons-broadening lifestyle, join us now!

Join ROCer now! Free for application!
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Start from November 2017, runners who sign up for RunOurCity’s running events are required to join “ROCer”. Applicants could submit the membership applications and sign up the running events at the same time.

Membership Application Fee

“ROCer” is free for application.


About membership

How can I become “ROCers”?

Applicants could fill in the online application form or apply during register the running events.

Does the membership application take time to apply?

The membership is valid while after the application form is completed and submitted.

Can I join the running events of RunOurCity when I am not the member?

All runners who sign up for RunOurCity’s running event must join the membership program.

How long is the membership valid? Do I need to pay for membership extension?

“ROCer” is permanent membership and there is no payment needed for membership extension.


1. “ROCer” membership program is managed, operated and wholly owned by ROC Limited.

2. Membership is accepted at the sole discretion of ROC Limited.

3. “ROCer” membership is not transferable and may use by the member only. Misuse of program benefits, including Fraud and Misconduct, may result in termination of membership, or withdrawal of benefits.

4. ROC Limited reserves the right to modify the “ROCer” program structure, benefits and other items, including these Terms and Conditions without notice.

5. If any dispute, ROC Limited reserves the right of final decision.

6. Please email to rocer@runourcity.org if you have any enquiry of ROCer.